BANDUNG: selected Host of the Spectacular 2017 Indonesia Independence Day Carnival

19 Aug 2017

If Lake Toba in North Sumatra was its host in 2016 and Pontianak in West Kalimantan the pevious year in 2015, this year's spectacular Indonesia Independence Day Carnival, commemorating the 72nd Anniversary of Indonesia's Independence Day will be centered in the cool, historic city of Bandung, capital of West Java Province. Where the Official Ceremony of Indonesia's independence was held on 17th August in Jakarta, the Independence Day Carnival will take place on 26th August 2017.

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For this ultimate celebration, the nation's star celebrities, artists, artisans, and cultural personalities from across the archipelago will showcase their best creations in the carnival that carries the theme: "Light the Flame in the Spirit of Cooperation"

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Already in the run up to the carnival, various preceding warming up events will be held in the city among which: the Wayang Golek or Sundanese traditional Wooden Puppet Show at the Pendopo or the Grand Hall of Bandung on 19th August 2017, the Bandung Run 2017 along the main bstreets of the City on 20th August 2017, and the Braga Culinary Night 2017 set along the legendary nostalgic street of Jalan Braga on 20th August 2017.

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"The Carnival will be the pinnacle and finale of the entire series in Indonesia's 72nd Commemoration of Independence, where all are expected to take part in this spectacular celebration" said Secretary of State, Pratikno.

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President Joko Widodo himself is scheduled to attend the event. And far from merely witnessing from the sidelines, the President and the First Lady will take part in the carnival in a beautifully decorated presidential carriage.

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The Carnival will be highlighted with thousands of participants > Heading the parade will be state officials led by the Changka Panorama Secapa Army Drum Band; the parade of the Army's Cavalry; they will be followed by Bandung's uniquely designed tour buses called "Bandros"; then, Indonesia's own military vehicle production called the Anoa; the official entourage of the President and ministers; and the antique official car used by first President, Soekarno. Folowing the VVIP procession there will be a parade of the flag raising contingent, scouts, and the long awaited artistic presentations of traditional arts of "Sisingaan" (Sundanese Lion Dance), the Museum Kid Care Community, Asia Africa Students Community,a parade of royal horse-drawn carriages from across the country, the Dangiang Galuh Pakuan Ancient Art Community, West Java's Cultural Communities, the Pencak Silat martial art, Sumedang's Kuda Renggong (Dancing Horses), Kapangranan Gebang Cigugur Palace royalties, Historia Van Bandung Community, and the League of Veterans of the Republic Indonesia (LVRI).

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Completing the list in this massive carnival are antique bicycles and Indonesia's Antique Cars Association; closed by representatives from the many traditional villages such as Cigugur in Kuningan, Kampung Naga in Tasikmalaya, Kuta in Ciamis, Ujung Jaya in Sumedang, Nagara Banceuy in Subang, Dukuh Pamengpeuk in Garut, Cikondang Ciwidey in Bandung regency, Ciptagelar in Sukabumi, Cangkuang in Garut, Mahumud in Bandung Regency, Kampung Urug in Bogor, Giri Jaya Mount Halimun in Sukabumi, Sindany Barang Cultural Village in Bogor, and the Palace of Sumedang Larang.

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Copmmencing from the Simpang Lima intersection, the parade will pass the Asia-Afrika Road to the historic Savoy Homann Hotel and the Merdeka Building (the site of the Asian-African Conference) and finish at the Alun-Alun or the main city square of Bandung.

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"The Carnival will showcase Indonesia's cultural wealth, so that our culture as manifested in a wide range of art forms can be preserved and thereby withstand the test of time" said Deputy for Domestic Tourism Marketing Development of the Ministry of Tourism, Esthy Reko Astuti. Esthy further said that the Independence Day Carnival is the crystallization of the sense of awareness of National Unity of this nation as expressed by communities across the country.

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Previously, the carnival was known as the Cultural Festival, which was held annually at the Istana Negara or the National Palace in the capital city of Jakarta featuring delegations from all 34 provinces. However, since 2015, the carnival was moved to alternating regions.

Meanwhile, Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya enthusiastically anticipated the spectacular carnival, commenting that the event has been carefully designed with exceptional features. "After the parade, there will also be a show at the mega stage near the Juang Monument. This is where everyone will gather, and the folk's fiesta will take place. All artists and performers will take turns to give their best performance" said Minister Arief Yahya

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